We are the Fintech Company that offers comprehensive solutions that allows businesses to sell, manage and accept payments in every channel

Cyclebit Group


Over 50,000 retailers partner with Cyclebit Group to pay, get paid and run their businesses hassle-free.


From SoftPOS app to consumer Digital Wallets, we host a suite of services that allows our partners to be at the forefront of innovation.


Our dedicated devices are simplified to the minimum to allow our partners to operate their businesses seamlessly.

What we do

Cyclebit Group's business model builds technologies and delivers services across the payments sector.

Providing payment services for Enterprises and SME.

Focused on new payments solutions that transform our operating businesses into smart solutions and services with unique product offerings.

12m + transactions
a month are processed within the platform
$4B annual turnover
in card payments processed
200k + mPOS terminals
use our technology in retail networks today
We empower people, entrepreneurs, companies, and communities by delivering unique, transformative, and impactful solutions. We are always focused on delivering significant value to everyone in the ecosystem. You, end users, and us.

Who we work with

8+ banks use our white label solutions
A suite of digital currency services
Omnichannel solutions
Building value together

How we do it

We operate a number of brands and solutions, that are focused on solving a specific market need. Some of the brands are fully intercorrelated, others act on their own. The common denominator is that each of our brands and solutions are on the edge of evolution.
Sell on-the-go
We can help you enable our SoftPOS solution in your mobile App
All data is transmitted only in encrypted mode; no payment data is stored on the smartphone. Compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 security standards.
The app turns any Android smartphone with an NFC module into a smart POS terminal for accepting contactless payments. No extra hardware required.
Contactless payments are the trend today. Experts forecast that by 2023 contactless will become the most popular method of payment.
Powerful DeFi tools for crypto acceptance and payments
Cyclebit is a compliance-ready DeFi bridge, used by corporations and individuals for financial services: payments, and remittances.
Accept crypto online and in-store
With fast DeFi payment processing, you can sell your goods and services for all major cryptocurrencies, which mitigates risks connected with volatility and eliminates fraud.
DeFi remittance
Our platform aims to bring a remittance solution with a decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem that can settle cross-border payments within seconds.
Increase revenue by selling crypto
Cyclebit payment system allows you to sell crypto to your customers. Options include selling to any mobile wallets or topping up Cycle Cards.
One access to sell product anywhere
The Platform is just right for shops and itinerary trade, delivery services and FMCG business
The app can accept cash, card and contactless payments by card or smartphone. Payment processing is in line with tax system requirements, and the customer gets a digital or paper receipt.
The Platform gives SMEs capabilities previously available only to large businesses or trade networks at a fraction of their cost: acquiring, inventory management, customer loyalty, and discount management.
The Platform emphasizes simplicity and speed. Streamlined procedures help to give a business a quick start, and it takes just a few minutes to learn how to operate it, thanks to a friendly UI and well-thought-out UX.
In-store and online payment gateway
Easy-to-use and affordable way to accept payments using your smartphone and mPOS terminal
Accept cash, card, and contactless payments
mPOS reader works with MagStripe, EMV chip, and contactless cards, as well as with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay devices.
Free applications
Manage your business wherever you need it. Complete set of Web accounting and analytical tools is always at hand. The application is compatible with all popular models of smartphones and tablets.
Application security
Client application’s security is based on strict quality and security control at every stage of its development. No card or card owner data is stored on client devices. System applications are made in line with PCI-DSS standard.
Sell smarter. Let AI do the work
A comprehensive toolkit for selling on marketplaces and machine learning solution for e-commerce.
One account
Product listing, price, inventory and orders management on all popular marketplaces from one account. Supports marketplaces.
Content creation
Each marketplace has its own product card requirements. Solution helps to create product cards in line with rules of each marketplace.
Tools to prepare special offers and promote goods on marketplaces.
Analysis and forecasting of demand, suggestions and comparison of prices for each marketplace.

Strong historical dynamics


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Since we are global, a lot of our press coverage is in languages you would need to Google translate. To save you time, we’ve picked out the publications in English : )
European SoftPOS technology provider Rubean and Cyclebit Group agreed on a convertible loan of €3.4 mil., provided by the latter. This step is a part of the preparation for strategic partnership.

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